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I placed an order with Haband by phone. The order came to $30.96. I send a check to Haband for $40.00. I called Haband and they advised me I had a $9.00 credit on their books. Today I got a bill from Haband for $5.93. I called and inquired about how this could happen. CHRISTIE, an employee of Haband advised me I was being charged $14.97 for my being selected as a VIP Haband customer. Listen! I have to pay Haband $14.95 per month to be...
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I will never buy anything from haband,blair or orchard products and the attorney general of the state should start an investigation of the company or a class action lawsuit.Finally, after undoing hours of calling and investigating their bank said they would try to refund some of the money, they took some of, I still had to pay some back charges, I told the bank close this account and send me some kind of receipt I just do not trust anyone...
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I do not desire to have this membership as I was unaware of monthly payments, etc. I just received Terms of Use information regarding the membership, charges, governing law/disputes, etc. I did not have any of this info when the program was offered to me. So I thought this would be a great thing to join. But, no, it is definitely not a great thing. I am not interested to stay involved with this organization and I am running out of words to...
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I didn't like
  • Idea of having to pay money monthly
I placed an order with Haband and received the purchase in a timely fashion however the next thing I know they are charging me $14.97 as a VIP membership which was never authorized and I certainly did not sign up for this service. Have tried to contact them but to no avail. This is the biggest ripoff company I have ever experienced. They so conveniently make it difficult to resolve issues. !! I sent them an email no response as of yet Of...
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I see a lot of complaints on here about the VIP Haband Memberships blaming Haband for charging the fee. It asks you would you like to claim a 15 dollars gift code…. ( Under It says ) Offer and Billing Details: Start enjoying all of your VIP Plus benefits for 30 days for only $1.99, charged to the account you just provided for your Haband purchase. After your trial your membership will automatically continue for just $14.97 a month, charged to...
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