Purchased some shoes in a certain size and color. Received them - wrong color.

Many calls made, many emails sent to the customer rep folks. Poor service. After dealing with them and receiving no satisfaction, I decided never to buy from them again. One of the reps I finally was able to speak to, but we had a language barrier, told me to send the shoes back and they would send the correct ones.

I only wanted a credit and nothing else because overall the customer service was poor and I did not want to hassle with them again.

Of course the shoes have to go back and my cost. And, you can wait 8 weeks for a credit.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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What's the difference? They said free shipping and handling, then sent me a bill for postage.

What's up with that? :?


Headaches is not all you will get. You better not give them a credit card or use one of theirs.




Every, and I mean everytime I order from Haband there are issues. I like the products.

They have things I can not get anywhere else. But I must confess they have the absolute worse customer service in the entire world. I never get everything I order. I am not told they are on back order when I place the order, via phone, or fax, or email, or mail.

The sizes change after you type them in and come back to the order. Today talked to someone about ordering a shirt for a birthday gift. Asked if it was in stock in a certain size and color. He told me yes,then I asked if it could be shipped today so I could get it for the birthday and he said it would be 8 to 10 business days before it would be shipped.

No wonder things are on back order, they sell out before the order gets filled. I am very frustrated.


Having been a customer rep, I can count on one hand how many people were cordial to me when they called in with a complaint. For any customer who believes they are not being heard, one can always request to speak to a supervisor.

"Wait 8 wks for a credit" means that it could take 2 months for the credit to show up on your bill. That is the way it works will all mail order companies I have done business with.

BTW I did not work for Haband. My husband and I have been very pleased with the clothing and other items that we have ordered. If we needed to send something back, we were sent a UPS form via email to put on our package.

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