I don't know what Haband Perks is and don't want it. I happened to notice on my bank state3ament that you are chargi9ng me for Perks, whatever that is.

I don't recall ordering Perks and don't even know what it is. Please stop the Perk service immediately and refund me that amount you have charged me, as I never used the service.

Either you tricked me into signing up for the service or I inadvertently checked the wrong box when ordering from you. Sod, adapt the slogan "The customer is always right" and honor my request.

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I also did not want perks what is this a fly by night outfit?


I do not want Haband Perks. Please credit my MasterCard account with the $14.95 you took out.


Got a charge for Haband Perks on my credit card 6-16-2012. Did not authorize this Charge, don't even know what Haband Perks is. Want this obvious scam charge refunded to my card right now.


I dont recall signing up for Hayband Perks. I would like it stopped and my account credited for the money you have taken out.


Haband Perks is a program that we run with our sponsor, Encore Marketing - it's a membership club to special deals and savings opportunities. You probably signed up for the program to get the $10 rebate and monthly discount pack but didn't see that it was a monthly fee.

Getting out of Haband Perks is easy though.

Simply call 866-206-0751 and they will cancel your account immediately. Also, you can speak with them about the recurring charges as they have a policy in place for refunds.

to Jon San Jose, California, United States #607217

How about this? How about you DON'T sign people up to your fraudulent 'perks' program without their knowledge and consent and do business the right way? I've started to notify various watchdog groups about your company and its questionable practices and will continue to do so until everyone knows not to buy from you.

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