Acct#5780-9795-5210-9431 Robert Pozzi rlpoz@comcast.net 574-288-0944

Invoice dated 11-15-10 for $69.96 was paid by an Internet check which was written 12-3 and delivered 12-10. You claimed you never received it and called and asked me to give you my check routing number so you could make a payment by debiting my checking account for $71.32, I did this (I never should have).

The Internet check cleared on 12-20 which means you had received and deposited it and the check was then sent back to my bank, Teacher's Credit Union.

The $71.32 should be refunded to me. I even question whether the $21.00 late fee should apply as you received the check on the due date. If you have questions please reply by the email address above.

Also three times I have failed to receive the free gifts. Twice I did not receive the free luggage and when I signed up as a credit card customer I did not receive the watch set. Pretty sloppy handling by Haband. How you handle this determines whether I will remain a customer.

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