This past three months I have gotten numerous phone calls from numerous locations stating that I own payments on a Haband Credit Card. I DO NOT HAVE A HABAND CREDIT CARD. The calls are form different call centers located around the country. Today alone I have had 4 calls from 3 different areas.

Each time I have asked them to stop calling and sent me in writing that I have opened an account with Haband or their financial institution World Bank.

What I have bought from Haband I have paid with using one of my credit cards.

I remember the offer to open a credit account with Haband which I refused to do because of the high interest rate being offered. 28% APR.

I have also stopped ordering from Haband because the items that I bought are junk. I have tried to return with no success.

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PLEASE, send the details to webmaster@haband.net. I would like to investigate this to make sure there is no fraudulent activity going on with that credit account.



Haband's a rip-off. I receiveed a dunning letter from them BEFORE they shipped my last order and rsponded in kind. Neither item I received was the item I ordered. Not only did I pay the shipping costs for that order, but I've been billed for the cost of returning the merchandise they sent in error. I'll not order anything from Haband again.

Account No. 289-093-486

Order No. 8756-370

I just received a package very disappointing package following a nasty letter from Laurie Loung, LTR018HAB, dated Feb 28. 2011, demanding payment for a mailed-in order you received on February 25, WITH INSTRUCTIONS TO CHARGE MY HABAND CREDIT CARD. The letter's wording was discourtious and completely out of line. I strongly suggest you instruct the author in customer relations AND make certain your mail order processors READ the order.

Instead of the medium blue cargo jeans I ordered, you sent darker indigo jeans WITHOUT cargo pockts, which I did not order and cannot use. See picture below.


Finally, rather than the free 9-band radio to be bundled with the order in accordance with your advertisement, you sent a "universal remote" which is of no use whatsoever. The dunning letter you people sent before even shipping the incorrect merchandise specifically mentions the radio, which was indeed an incentive for placing the order at this time.

This isn't the first time I've received the wrong or defective merchandise, such as casual trousers with missing belt loops, from Haband as a fairly frequent customer for some time. I am extremely annoyed, however, and am considering not only doing no further business with you, but also adding to the list of internet complaints regarding your service. Your policy of charging shipping for return of items you erroneously sent contributes even more to your customers' aggravation.

Please inform me ASAP regarding corrective action to assure I receive the merchandise I ordered.

Haband has NOT replied to the above letter, nor even acknowledged it.

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