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  • 18 hours ago
  • Other
  • Barberton, Ohio
  • False Charge
  • 11

I ordered some clothing from Haband and they said I had to have this card to order and then if I did not like to cancel it...I called and cancelled and they are still taking out money on my charge card...not right!!! It should not be that hard to make an order, pay for it and then LET IT GO!!! and now you want AT LEAST 100 words? stop ! stop ! stop ! stop ! stop ! stop ! stop ! stop ! stop ! stop... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
  • Footwear and Clothing
  • Granite Bay, California
  • Jeans
  • 12

I ordered 2 pair of Casual Joe jeans for my husband. I was notified that one pair had been mailed. I contacted customer service and they said I only ordered one pair. I know I ordered 2 pair, size 36/M, one washed black and one medium blue. I received the washed black. They told me I would have to order the second pair. I have been shopping Haband for many years and never had a problem. ... Read more

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  • Nov 22
  • Online Shopping
  • Lagos, Lagos
  • Dress Suit
  • 51
Haband - Review about Dress Suit from Lagos, Lagos
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My Husband experience is to say the least 'SAD'. My order # 9163244 was all rubbish. The two Sara Margin two looked 'used and cheap' colours are faded. The wine colour dress suit was was way off the web picture. The gabardine skirt looks like underwear. I wish ti return them all. Am back in my country as I sent in my mails to you. Total rubbish all. I want a refund as I don't wear secondhanded... Read more

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  • Nov 18
  • Online Shopping
  • Rockland, Maine
  • Clothing
  • 84

I have had many problems with Haband's Customer Service reps. They are almost impossible to understand because of their accent and the way they talk. I have complained quite a few times and spoken with managers there - one time I spoke with 3 separate managers in one day about the same situation and I got three different stories from them. They need to communicate better amongst themselves and... Read more

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  • Nov 16
  • Online Shopping
  • Clayton, North Carolina
  • Delivery
  • 62

Receive my order it was broken call to let them know I was told to return the order and my account had been credit and nothing fuller had to be done receive a bill call them again I was told don't worry it has been corrected now got a bill with late charges call again I was told I had talked to the wrong people I should had call the credit department.now I have to pay late charges and I don't... Read more

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  • Nov 15
  • Online Shopping
  • Saint Augustine, Florida
  • Exercise Bike
  • 105

I am a disabled vet, and a vip member of Haband , and have received many awards from Haband for being an excellent customer. Recently I was hospitalized for third time this year. When I got home and put my computer on. You had a quick or some such sale. They were items I wanted for some time. They were a exerciser bicycle ( Gold Violin) , sale $ 26.95, and a wreath for a door which was next to... Read more

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  • Nov 13
  • Online Shopping
  • Portland, Tennessee
  • Online Order
  • 97

Because of a computer glich when I tried enter a code, my order was double entered. I suspected that within a few minutes and called the 800 number and tried to get them to correct it but was told it would not be on their screen for twenty-four hours or more and to call back. When I opened my email I had a confirmation for 2 orders. I called back and asked that a specific order number be... Read more

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  • Nov 04
  • Online Shopping
  • Online Order
  • 1
  • 1
  • 123

I tried ordering by phone. All orders by phone go to the office in the Phillipines. I tried 3 times . Each time the their English or understanding of what I said was misunderstood. I called customer help and they said ALL phone orders go through them. Too bad. I would suggest an office in the USA for phone ordering too. They were courteous , but their acccents made it hard for me to... Read more

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  • Nov 02
  • Online Shopping
  • Haband Vip
  • 2
  • 2
  • 99

I am being charged 14.97 a month for Haband VIP Plus and do not wish to have it. Please remove me from the list. I am satisfied with the Haband product but do not need to be on this list and do not wish to be charged on my credit card for it each month. I do enjoy the fliers in the mail and would like to keep receiving them and the catalogs. I just do not wish to have this charge. Please... Read more

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  • Oct 27
  • Online Shopping
  • Shirts
  • 226

My father placed an order for some shirts from Haband by telephone paying with his credit card. Haband did not put the charge on my father's credit card. Instead, he was issued a Haband credit card that he did not request nor authorize. He called Haband to complain and he told them to cancel the Haband card and put the charge on his credit card. My father was told that they could not do that... Read more

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